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Auto Accident-what to do now!

You have had an accident.  Now what do you do?

Auto Insurance policies may offer more. Are they included in yours?

Many of us have been buying car insurance for a very long time.  We know it is a gamble and we want to have enough, but not pay for more then we need.  These are some of the items that you may have and some that you may not even know are available.  Each carrier offers different coverages to choose...

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Motorcycle Insurance-Part I

Motorcycle Insurance – Part One Motorcyclists make up a small fraction of the vehicles that occupy our roadways and, due to weather conditions and changes of seasons, the number of cycles in operation changes drastically throughout the year. While motorcycles operators and their driving considerations...

Renters Insurance-I don’t need it-Do I?

Many people believe that their belongings will be covered by their Landlords insurance policy.  This is not true.  The only things covered by the property owner are things that belong to them and the liability exposure that they might have. I think you will find this video informative; Importance of...