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Having a Holiday Party at your Business in Colorado Springs?

December is filled with many wonderful office events including the company Holiday party. However,  without the Christmas ornament2appropriate precautionary measures, legal consequences can quickly dampen the festive nature of these company-sponsored events. With the growth of social media, the last thing you want is a picture of yourself dancing on the table posted on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, almost 40 percent of all holiday traffic fatalities involve alcohol. Here are a few thoughts as you start planning for your company event.

Colorado Springs Business Insurance and The Company Party

Most Colorado commercial insurance policies will cover liability as long as the claim is covered under the commercial policy. If you offer alcohol and charge for it, you may want to consider a liquor liability policy.

Holiday Party Safety Tips-Suggestions

  1. Remind your employees about the company’s harassment policy.
  2. Limit alcohol to two or three drinks per person.
  3. Offer free rides home for those who may need it
  4. Serve wine and beer rather than hard alcohol.  A 12 oz. can of beer has roughly the same amount of alcohol as a 6 oz. glass of wine and a 1.5 oz. shot of whiskey.
  5. Do not make your party mandatory.
  6. Leave out the mistletoe. This particular decoration can lead to inappropriate contact between employees.
  7. Make it clear that no drug use will be tolerated.
  8. Have a good selection of food and non-alcohol drinks.
  9. Don’t allow the party to go late into the night.
  10. Don’t allow people to mix drinks on their own.

For over 10 years, we have focused on reducing insurance costs and improving coverage for Colorado business owners which make up over 80% of our current clientele. Suzan is a business owner herself and understands the importance of insuring to protect all you have worked so hard for.  Coverage for Colorado businesses include Commercial Auto, General Liability, Inland Marine, Property, Workers Compensation and more.

A special events policy may be just what you need.  Give us a call today.